Keeping Safe and Secure

Devonto™ recommend that you change your email password every three months – this will help to further secure your account from unauthorised access.

In today’s online world, email accounts are not “hacked into”, but in fact “logged into” by automated machines trying combinations of easy-to-guess passwords or having your password compromised from another location.

Changing Your Password on your Cloud Email Account

Your account comes with your very own control panel – you can access it by logging into and updating your details in your profile.

If you can’t get in, get in touch with us and we can reset your password for you.

Changing Your Password on your Basic Email Account

To change your email account password, first log into your webmail facility (this is unique to your website and is in the format http://webmail.[your-site-here] – e.g.

Once logged in, click on “personal settings” at the top right of the screen then click on the “Password” button from within the blue bar.

Changing your password is as simple as entering your old password, your new chosen password, then confirming it. Click “Save” to save your changes.

More details are available in the Email Configuration Guide download.

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