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Web Development Consultation

What Do You Want from a Website?

Every business has specific requirements for their website. It could be to sell products online, streamline their business processes, reduce admin, get more enquiries or simply be a point of reference for the public.

We work closely with each business to first understand how their business currently operates, figure out the goals of the business and then advise how a website could help realise these goals.

Our range and depth of experience across all sectors and business types give us an edge on a typical “web designer”. We work with businesses to make websites truly functional and help ensure they offer a return on their investment.

“I Don’t Know Where to Start”

This is the most common dilemma from new customer enquiries, they know they need a new website, but are not entirely sure what to do to get it up and running.

We always suggest an initial meeting – in-person, or virtually – to chat about the business; understand its nuances and take look at the wider picture, figuring out where a website fits in.

We help produce a plan of action – for both sides – to guide the development of the site. This includes figuring out which pages will go on the website, what features the site should have and any advanced functionality that may be required.

Development Changes

After an initial plan is drawn up, it will inevitably change as the website is built.

This is normal, and we encourage it!

As customers dig deeper into their own business and put down on paper what they really do, they uncover USPs and services they offer as standard, which may never have crossed their mind to include in a website.

We also push customers further to put themselves in the position of a potential customer: what would they search for? What would interest them most?

Going Live

When a website is complete and is ready to be unveiled to the public, we work with customers to make the process as seamless as possible.

Our support and advice does not end there though. We are on-hand to constantly develop the new site, refining it and adapting it based on customer feedback.

Ongoing Development

Sites that are set live shouldn’t stay fixed in time, but should be updated and adapted following the natural development of the business.

Business offerings change, but it’s often the case that websites stay the same as they did when they first went live. We encourage customers to engage with us to bring us along with them; keeping their site modern and reflecting their new changes, as they happen.

We’ve Got Your Back

Think of us as part of your team.

Pick up the phone, or send us an email, any time for a quick bit of support or advice. We want all of our customers to do well; with their website being part of their success.