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Bespoke Websites and Online Applications

We love to create unique applications, just for our clients.

Wherever possible, we try to source systems or modules which have already been created, to reduce the development time and cost to our clients – as they say, “don’t reinvent the wheel”.

That said, some of our clients have specific need and offer a unique service – where only hand-coded systems can fulfil their requirements.

From an initial meeting, we can elicit all of the requirements of your application and work closely with you to develop a truly unique application.

We use the “Rapid Prototyping” approach to development – meaning we build in sections and return to you for approval and repeat until complete.

You are always kept up to date with our progress and we ensure that all work we complete does indeed do what you want it to do.

Unlike other companies who meet once and deliver a final product, we know specifications and requirements can change. The best way to deal with them is to integrate them.

If you have a requirement for an online system to streamline your office routine, or to integrate multiple current workflows, talk to us and we can work together to build a system just for you.

Progressive Web Application Development

Native apps for Android or iOS are complex and expensive. A new wave of apps are utilising the power of the web and browsers to deliver a similar experience.

A Progressive Web Application (PWA) is primarily focussed on mobile development, but works just as well on desktops, laptops and tablets.

It allows for certain elements of websites to be “installed” on a device, with a dedicated app icon and offline capability.

We’re experts in this emerging technology and can help get your icon installed on thousands of devices to deliver a quality user experience.