Secure Your Domain

Your Domain Name is your Online Address

Domain Name Registration

Registering Your .com’s and’s

Your domain name is your website address – the one which will become part of your email, you’ll put on your business card and may publicise elsewhere.

This will stick with you throughout your business and it’s important to choose one which is easy for customers to access.

Don’t go for anything difficult to spell, or anything with funny characters (like dashes) in it, as some users find these difficult to use and you may end up losing business over it.

We always recommend that you have both the .com and variant registered for your site and have the main one as the; if you’re a UK business, serving the UK.

Domain Name Registration

It’s very important to us to get this bit done right, from the get-go and we register domains on behalf of our customers. That is, we register it in their name, not our own – as some other companies do. That way, they’re the legal owner and we just manage it on their behalf.

Domain Name Renewals

All domain names are leased from registries – you never actually own it outright, you simply lease it for a period of years – normally one or two at a time.

Mistakenly allowing a domain to expire is one of the worst things you can do – as there are many companies out there watching for expirations, who will purchase it and then hold you to randsom for you to purchase it back from them at exorbitant prices.

With Devonto’s management, we ensure all domain names are renewed on time, every time.