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Content management Systems

Manage Your Content and Update Yourself

Nowadays, the web awards new content.

Search engines love to return to sites where something’s changed and kept up-to-date. They reward this new content by making its ranking higher.

Content Management Systems (CMS) come in many forms – from simply adding some news to your site, to being able to edit and control all aspects of your site content.

This can be particularly useful for companies who work in an ever-changing environment and need to keep their clients up to date.

We tailor every CMS to each client – ensuring they have all the features they need to update their site, without baffling them with too many functions and jargon.


By far, our favourite CMS is WordPress.

It allows us to create beautiful websites for our clients, which are robust and feature-rich, whilst offering a simple; easy-to-use admin panel for them to update their site, shop, blog, gallery and portfolio without ever having to return to Devonto.