Managed Web Hosting

Personally-managed Premium Hosting

Managed Web Hosting

Managed, Safe and Secure

Devonto clients benefit from the option to have their online services hosted on our own private servers.

In doing this, all aspects of their online presence are managed and monitored by Devonto administrators.

This, in contrast to cheap shared web hosting packages, means that we can alert you to any potential problems with your services and constantly maintain and tweak your features for greatest efficiency.

This manual optimisation is second-to-none, with constant improvements being made to your services.

You may have seen web hosting packages from as little as £60 per year, but these come with no management and very limited support – you truly are on your own.

We never set clients up with these types of packages as they are not value for money and you may end up sharing with 100’s of other websites on the one server. Any misconfiguration of the other sites, or any malicious code on them, may have a detrimental effect to your own.

Intrusion Detection

It’s a harsh reality, but websites and servers are constantly under attack.

Every day, there are thousands of malicious attempts to gain unauthorised access to various parts of websites, including those hosted by Devonto, to which we must thwart.

Most attempts are automated by bots. These are detected and shunned by our advanced security systems; however our systems come into their own with threat intelligence – working with other servers throughout the world to keep track of potential issues and sharing our collective experiences to block attacks even before they happen.

Website Monitoring

We have a server whose sole job is to watch our other servers!

Our server monitoring system alerts us at the smallest of issues to keep systems up to date and running smoothly before issues arise.

Website Backups as Standard

Our servers are constantly backed up off-site, giving you the peace of mind that should anything untoward happen, your site can be back up and running within hours.