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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation Cumbernauld

All of our websites are coded to the highest standard – this is a key requirement of Search Engine Optimisation.

Following best-practices and using cross-device as well as cross-browser techniques, we deliver sites that are well structured and technically correct.

Search engines penalise poorly constructed sites – our clients gain an immediate boost in having their sites easily accessible for search engine spider bots.

Google, and its contemporaries, also reward sites which are secure (using HTTPS) and load quickly. Our optional website optimisation service helps here too – and is highly recommended for those looking to climb the ranks.

Keywords and phrases are no longer considered in search engine rankings. These were previously abused and search engines have evolved not to require them.

Instead of keywords, search engines actively scan your web content to identify its theme and decide where it is best placed in its results.

When working with Devonto, we help and advise our clients the best way to present your content for the web – striking a fine balance between end-user readability and search-engine functionality.

Meta Tags and Sitemaps

You may have heard of “Meta Tags”, but not known quite what they are – meta information is simply additional information provided by the website for others to consume. In this case, search engines.

The most important meta data to provide is a descriptive page title and a useful description. These go hand in hand and are used by search engines in their search results to allow their users to read a bit more about you, before clicking on your link.

Sitemaps are files on websites which search engines can look at to get a quick capture of all of the pages you wish to have them index. It’s helping hand to them to save them doing all of the hard work.

We configure all of these for you and make sure you’re best represented online.