Keeping You Online

When you take out a contract with Devonto™ you will be advised that your website requires annual renewal, along with your renewal date and cost.

The renewal date will, typically, fall on the anniversary of the date of signing the contract with Devonto™.

This renewal fee covers the cost of renewing the lease of your domain name(s) with the appropriate registrar, your website hosting, email accounts and any additional services, such as an SSL certificate.

You will be notified automatically via email 30 days before the renewal which will be followed by an invoice from us.

It is important that payment is made promptly for your website renewal. If no payment has been received on the date of renewal, your site will be shut down and emails will be disabled.

Once payment has been received, you can be assured that we take care of all renewal matters – ensuring your domain, website and emails stay active, for another year!

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