Replying When You’re Not Available

Both email services offered by Devonto include an automatic reply feature, these are configured in two different ways.

Out of Office in Cloud Emails

You can activate your Out of Office response through your Outlook desktop program by clicking on the “File” menu then clicking “Automatic Replies” and configuring your messages there.

You can also do the same from within the Outlook Web App online and following the instructions Microsoft provide.

Read Microsoft’s Instructions

Out of Office in Basic Emails

To set an Out of Office responder, first login to your webmail facility (this is unique to your website and is in the format http://webmail.[your-site-here] – e.g.

Once logged in, you will be presented with your email inbox view.

Click on Personal Settings then Out of Office to view the configuration form.

It is suggested that you set the Out of Office responder up before enabling it to ensure all settings are accepted.

To configure the Out of Office responder, you must:

  • Enter a Subject
    • A suggested subject is RE: <request_subject>
    • This will automatically send a reply which includes the subject that was sent to you – just as it would when you send a normal reply
  • Fill in a Message
    • Give details on how long you will be unavailable for and perhaps an alternative contact method
  • (Optionally) Enter a Forwarding Address
    • This will allow the system to automatically forward any received emails to another mailbox – particularly useful if a colleague will be taking over while away
    • You will still have a copy of the email in your inbox to deal with
  • Click Save to store the details.

Once all of your details have been stored successfully, you can then tick the box to Enable the service and click Save

to activate.

Deactivation follows the same procedure, but untick the Enable box and click Save.

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